Sally Lau

B.S. Astronomy, Minor in Physics (Class of 2018)

Degree from UH Hilo, Minors & Certificates:

B.A. Astronomy, Minor in Physics


INT Dance Squad (Fall 14 - Spring 18): Historian (Spring 16 - Fall 18) and President (Fall 17 - Spring 18)

Where are you now and what are you doing:

Currently still in Hilo and working at ASIAA as a Telescope Tester/Operator for YTLA.

Areas of Specialty:

Radio Astronomy

Places you have worked, interned or traveled to for your career:

I worked for ASIAA from July 2017 - August 2018 as a student assistant. This job helped me see the wonders of radio astronomy and it got to the job I have now.


I am born and raised from Hilo, HI. Proud to say I am a Waiakea High School Alumni and UH Hilo Alumni. I started my astronomy journey back when I was at Waiakea Intermediate. The program called Journey Through The Universe where professors and local astronomers and physicist attend classrooms to teach students about the astronomy and physics field. Ever since then I was hooked on becoming an astronomer. Graduated in Spring 2018, I currently work full time with ASIAA as a Telescope Operator on Mauna Loa. If I am not working, I am often out watching movies with friends or listening to K-Pop (favorite group: Big Bang and EXO).


The love for astronomy was strong so there was no doubt that I was going to continue on my path. But also because Hawaii is best place to study astronomy and who wouldn't take the opportunity to learn under a great program with wonderful professors! Advice for Students: Though it may seem hard at first but power through and you will always find yourself succeeding at the end. Professors are there to always help you and don't be afraid to ask questions. Start getting comfortable with Windows/Mac OS/Linux and programming languages

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