Derek Hand

M.S. Physics, University of Wyoming, December 2017
B.A. Physics (Dec 2015), B.S. Astronomy (2016)

Clubs organizations:

Member of University Astrophysics Club; President,Secretary, Treasurer of the Space Robotics Club, History Club

Where you are now and what you're doing: 

Telescope Operating Assistant at Subaru Telescope

Areas of specialty:

AGN Kinematics, Exoplanet detection & characterization

Places you have worked, interned or traveled to for your career: 

Akamai Workforce Development -- Under the direction of Dr. Andreea Petric along with the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium.

Brief Bio:

I am from Northern Minnesota. I became interested in astronomy and physics during high school when Through The Wormhole first started. Feel free to contact me with questions about UHH, grad school or life in general.

What attracted you to UH Hilo Physics & Astronomy?

The cost and proximity to the Mauna Kea Observatories. 

Advice for prospective/current students of UH Hilo Physics & Astronomy:

You may not like physics, but it is the backbone of astronomy.

Website: N/A

Email address:

Derek Hand, UH Hilo P&A 2016 alumni


  • (Updated November 9, 2017)